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Optimize Your Google Fonts

It's pretty well known - web fonts are one of the things that slow web sites down the most! This little tool will change that.

Put your <link> tag down below, or just the URL to your Google Font, and we'll give you back the most performance optimized code that's possible right now!!


This entire app was inspired by this article right here: The Fastest Google Fonts.

I read this article a few weeks ago and was instanly captured by the amazing detail it went into. My entire career I've been a performance junkie, so I'm always looking for ways to shave even just milliseconds off my load time. So when I read the article and it showed me a way to potentially improve my website load time by almost two full seconds...I knew I needed to start to implement it in all of the web properties I manage.

(Before you continue on - please read the article. It is packed full of so many good ideas and so much research time, it's something you need to read if you care about web performance at all. Harry Roberts truly is a wizard!)

But when I started to implement it, I found it a little clunky...there is no copy and paste version in what is written on CSS Wizardry...for good reason. A copy and paste version of what's there would not do the information any justice at all.

But what about when I just want to implement it in all of the sites I manage...well, what I've been doing is going back to the old repositories where I think I've implemented it, and copied the code and replaced the URL. Not the greatest solution. Something could get messed up or lost.

So I built this little tool.

It's FREE!! Please use it, please share it on Twitter, and anywhere else developers are. You using this is my happy place!

And again, I take no responsibility for the knowledge that was needed to build this system of using Google Fonts. ALL the credit there goes to Harry Roberts at CSS Wizardry. I've just taken his great ideas and put together a tool that hopefully makes the web even one percent faster :)

Happy Coding!


A while ago, we built a little API for this site!

It's very easy to work with, and can plug and play into almost any build system that can make HTTP requests.

Simply make a PUT request to https://optimizefonts.com/api/v1/ setting the font parameter to the URL to your Google Font or the link tag to your Google Font.

This API is still in beta, so if you come across any issues, please create an issue in the GitHub repo :) (link in the footer)